Background Concepts has been in the business of providing high-quality photo & video background and photo/video equipment for nearly 20 years. BC started in the Photo Identification industry and developed a high-quality, exclusive product line that’s been imitated, but never duplicated. Their customers are among the most well-known global corporations and organizations. 
We also serve thousands of individual professional offices, small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals. Our products are used by many of the most prominent events where product performance is an absolute must.
My Role in this Project:
Background Concepts is a second generation evolutionary company that I was tasked with updating their web design and revising the content to accommodate the more current focus on web and video-based communication. The new design is focused on that view of the current product line and needed to have that reflected in the overall design and meet the e-commerce facet needed as well. The design was created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator using a mix of client-provided images, stock photography and custom created product imagery and photography. The end results were fully produced Photoshop files, visual elements and asset files ready for development now in progress.

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